The Business Behind SERIAL

As a super young, start-up publication, we’re asking a lot of people to invest their time and resources without an automatic return on that investment. Because of that, we only think it’s fair to be transparent about how we want to grow.


While we do have a small subscriber list, most of our sales are through single issue buys that happen through our website. We do not store significant inventory, so our print run orders are based on historical sales performance and pre-orders.

We obviously want to grow and we have some huge ambitions. We’d really like to bring back pulp serial fiction and we hope to see our publication on impulse buy checkout counters across the country some day.


SERIAL is currently funded by the Publisher / Editor-in-Chief. Net Revenue, which we calculate as Total Sales - Printing Costs, is split 50/50 between “the business” and our contributing writers.

“The Business” expenses include investing in bigger print runs, marketing, and paying illustrators and other staff.

As our circulation grows, payments to our writers will grow in almost real time. Additionally, since we will be publishing serial fiction, we will be keeping back issues in stock, so royalties on sales of older issues will also be paid out.


We are not opposed to Advertisers helping support SERIAL. We’re not pursuing advertising currently but we will as our circulation numbers grow.