Special call for submissions

While we love the exciting, fast-paced genre fiction of our typical SERIAL Magazine selections, even we need a break at times. So, throughout the year, we plan to publish a “special issue” around certain holidays. While we still want these stories to be enjoyable to our subscribers, we know that publishing 6-8 stories in one issue that are both tonally and thematically similar may not be the most enjoyable read, so this is our guidance: send us your best stories that incorporate the theme, whether it fits in with the general SERIAL Magazine vibe or not. We want a variety!

Pride / LGBTQIA Fiction

Submit by February 28th.

In June, we will be publishing a PRIDE issue and we want to see genre fiction centered around LGBTQIA+ themes. While we definitely have and will continue to publish lesbian and gay fiction, we’d love to see submissions that explore characters at other points in the spectrum as well. Bi and trans representation anyone? In addition to queer characters, consider queer settings - Pride parades, gay bars, queer bookstores, drag shows, etc or more abstract queer themes like identity, community, openness, and honesty. For standard formatting guidelines and info on how to submit, please read our general submission guidelines.

There are several things we will not publish due to their overuse in queer fiction:

  • We do not publish fiction with homophobic or racial slurs.

  • We will not publish a gay bashing story.

  • We’re reluctant to publish a story about a high schooler getting bullied for being gay.

  • We’re reluctant to publish a story with an AIDS-related death.

Please use this call as an opportunity to write queer characters who feel real and either face challenges we’ve never seen before or face common challenges in a way we’ve never seen before. Happy writing and submitting!

Halloween / Scary Stories

Submit by July 30th.

Details TBD.

Holiday Fiction

Submit by August 31st.

Details TBD.

New Year / Fresh Start / Anniversary Fiction

Submit by September 30th.

Details TBD.

Valentine’s Day

Submit by October 31st.

Details TBD.

Easter / Spring Break

Submit by December 31st.

Details TBD.