Issue One

Issue One


Our inaugural issue of SERIAL Magazine is jam packed with excitement. Issue One features the first installment of The Last Dung Beetle by Michael W. Clark, a sci-fi novel about young girl who finds herself alone in space with nowhere to hide. Our first issue also includes:

  • NATURAL SELECTION by Michael Simon: A team of astronauts watch life on Earth end from their dying space station.

  • THE NIGHT PEOPLE by Michael Washburn: A woman is terrorized by her past and 'The Night People."

  • LITTLEGRACE by Emma Hines: A little girl discovers her true potential to horrifying results.

  • NAKED LINES by Jason Hart and Emi Yonemura: A man finds love and misery in the same woman.

  • TANIWHA by Simon Petersen: A legendary monster rises from the swamp and puts an end to a beach day.

  • INSTANT ORDER by Joseph S. Pete: A man exacts his nefarious revenge with... toilet paper?

  • HUNGER PAINS by Chris Chan: A crime solving duo uncover the dark underbelly of a weight loss school.

If you’d like a digital copy of Issue One, it can be purchased on Amazon.

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