Issue Three

Issue Three


Our third issue of SERIAL Magazine features the first installment of Nothing Escapes by Merlin Flower, a romantic suspense novel about a man who meets one of his paintings come to life. Additional stories includes:

  • NO REGRETS ON FOURTH STREET by Lauren C. Teffeau: A kidnapped courier relies on her ex-boyfriend for her final escape.

  • ALL YOU HAVE TO DO by Lisa Piazza: A free spirit begins her journey with a boy named Lizard.

  • AN INVITATION TO DARKNESS by Hailey Piper: A seafaring captain falls for a woman with a horrifying secret.

  • WHAT A TRIFLE IS A HEART by Sarah Milne Das: A girl gives her heart to a careless boy.

  • THE SUN STRUCK by Gregory L. Norris: A space commander reunites with his love just in time to say goodbye.

  • THE WRETCHED STREET BAR by J.J. Steinfeld: A waiter falls into a strange friendship with a mysterious customer.

  • NOTHING ESCAPES by Merlin Flower: An artist meets his own painting come to life and begins his pursuit.

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