Digital Issue Five

Digital Issue Five


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Our fifth issue of SERIAL Magazine features the second installment of Nothing Escapes by Merlin Flower and the second installment of Rat Race, a two part series by J.R. Alfieri about man who sets out to end his life. Additional stories include:

  • THE VARSITY SQUAD by Evan M. Elgin: A journalist must uncover the truth when three cheerleaders are accused of murder.

  • BAD LUCK TIMES THREE by Rob Alvir: A thief tests his luck when he steals an artifact from his employer.

  • THE MIND MINDER by C.J. Carter-Stephenson: A man witnesses a murder while tapping into someone's darkest fantasies.

  • THE MORNING TREE by Aaron Emmel: A sergeant infiltrates an aristocrat's home to avenge his parents.

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