Digital Issue Eight

Digital Issue Eight


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Our eighth issue of SERIAL Magazine features the last installment of Word Burials by J.J. Steinfeld. Additional stories include:

  • COLDER BODIES, COLDER HEARTS by Thom Dunn: A scientist discovers a method to bring the dead back to life.

  • THE MANY MURDERS OF FRANKIE PEPPERS by Kyle Rader: A convicted serial killer refuses to die no matter how many times he's killed.

  • OPHEDITIES AND THE DRAGON by J.F. Capps: A dying Imperator faces off against a dragon to protect his kingdom.

  • BLACK SUN RETIREMENT by Konstantinos Kalofonos & Peter Glanting: An aging couple retire off-planet.

  • SELF-CONSCIOUS by Bill Hackenberger: A scientist enters a deadly game of his own creation.

  • SQUATCHIN' by Jennifer Lee Rossman: A cryptozoologist and YouTuber chase an elusive sasquatch.

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