Issue three AuthorS

Below are the authors who made our special Valentine’s Day issue possible!

Gregory L. Norris

Gregory L. Norris is a professional writer with work appearing in numerous fiction anthologies and national magazines. He once worked as a screenwriter on two episodes of Paramount's modern classic, Star Trek: Voyager and is a former writer for Sci Fi, the official magazine of the Sci Fi Channel (before all those ridiculous Ys invaded). Norris judged the 2012 Lambda Awards in the SF/F/H category. Three times now, his stories have received honorable mentions in Ellen Datlow's Best-of anthologies. In 2016, Norris traveled to Hollywood to accept HM in the prestigious Roswell Awards in short SF writing. In 2017, he novelized Gerry Anderson's classic made-for-TV film from 1976, Into Infinity -- which he watched as a boy. Norris penned a sequel, Into Infinity: Planetfall (2019, Anderson Entertainment), with a third novel planned. Follow his literary adventures at

J. J. Steinfeld

Canadian fiction writer/poet/playwright J. J. Steinfeld lives on Prince Edward Island, where he is patiently waiting for Godot’s arrival and a phone call from Kafka. While waiting, he has published nineteen books: two novels, Our Hero in the Cradle of Confederation and Word Burials, twelve short story collections—The Apostate's Tattoo, Forms of Captivity and Escape, Unmapped Dreams, The Miraculous Hand and Other Stories, Dancing at the Club Holocaust, Disturbing Identities, Should the Word Hell Be Capitalized?, Anton Chekhov Was Never in Charlottetown, Would You Hide Me?, A Glass Shard and Memory, Madhouses in Heaven, Castles in Hell, and An Unauthorized Biography of Being—and five poetry collections, An Affection for Precipices, Misshapenness, Identity Dreams and Memory Sounds, Absurdity, Woe Is Me, Glory Be, and A Visit to the Kafka Café, and over fifty of his one-act plays and a handful of full-length plays have been performed in Canada and the United States, including the full-length plays The Franz Kafka Therapy Session, The Golden Age of Monsters, and A Television-Watching Artist; the one-act plays Godot’s Leafless Tree, The Waiting Ends, A Question of Eternity, The Entrance-or-Not Barroom, The Word-Lover, Laugh for Sanity, Back to Back, More Than Money, Imaginative Drinking, A Play of Disbelief, Memory Sounds, and In a Washroom of a Prestigious Art; and the radio plays In Becky's Name, A New Map, The Professor's Ashes, and Diogenes’ Lantern.

Hailey Piper

Hailey Piper grew up in a patch of creepy northern woods which filled her imagination with ghouls and monsters. Nowadays in her more civilized adult life, she keeps her childhood nightmares alive by writing them down.

Lisa Piazza

Lisa Piazza is a writer, mother and educator from Oakland, Ca. Her stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net and Best Small Fictions.

Lauren C. Teffeau

Lauren C. Teffeau was born and raised on the East Coast, educated in the South, and employed in the Midwest. Lauren now lives and dreams in the Southwest. When she was younger, she poked around in the back of wardrobes, tried to walk through mirrors, and always kept an eye out for secret passages, fairy rings, and messages from aliens. Now, she writes to cope with her ordinary existence. Besides the obligatory bachelor’s degree in English, she also holds a master’s degree in Mass Communication and spent a few years toiling as a researcher in academia. Her short fiction can be found in a variety of speculative fiction magazines and anthologies. Implanted from Angry Robot Books is her first novel. To learn more, please visit

Merlin Flower

Merlin flower is an independent artist and writer. That's all you need to know!

Sarah Milne Das

Sarah writes original fairytales, ghost stories and various uncategorisable oddments that have been published in online and print magazines and anthologies. In 2018, she was proud to win a Bards and Sages Quarterly Reader's Choice award for her story "A Tale of Four Parents," details of which you can find on her website, along with a comprehensive list of published work. Sarah is currently working on a short story collection of fantastical folklorish tales.

Since 2006, Sarah has lived in Oxford, UK, a city she fell in love with at first sight. She devotes much of her spare time to helping run the Oxford Writing Circle - a community of local writers - by facilitating critique sessions, editing the group's anthologies and organising literary events.

When not writing, she likes to read detective stories, eat toast, and sort acquaintances into Hogwarts houses.