Issue THIRTEEN AuthorS

Below are the authors who made ISSUE THIRTEEN possible!


I’m a writer of fiction and poetry in the Bay Area. I have published a dozen short stories in various online venues, and three dozen poems. My second novel, "Nearly Super Guys" is currently under review with several literary agents.


Dave Creek is the author of the novels CHANDA'S AWAKENING and SOME DISTANT SHORE, novellas TRANQUILITY and THE SILENT SENTINELS, and short story collections A GLIMPSE OF SPLENDOR and THE HUMAN EQUATIONS.
He's also published the Great Human War trilogy, including A CROWD OF STARS (2016 Imadjinn Award winner), THE FALLEN SUN, and THE UNMOVING STARS (2018 Imadjinn Award winner). His short stories have appeared in ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION AND FACT, AMAZING STORIES, and APEX magazines, and the anthologies FAR ORBIT APOGEE, TOUCHING THE FACE OF THE COSMOS, and DYSTOPIAN EXPRESS. He's also been published in the Russian SF magazine ESLI and China's SCIENCE FICTION WORLD.



Jon Black writes historical fiction, usually with mystery, supernatural, or Mythos twists … and a pulp flavor so strong it’s like your first cup of black coffee on a cold morning. His award-winning Bel Nemeton series combines 6th century Arthurian historical fantasy with 21st century pulp. Jon’s short stories “Gabriel’s Trumpet,” a Jazz Age supernatural mystery, and “A Scandal in Hollywood” a tongue-in-cheek Sherlock Holmes homage set against the backdrop of Hollywood’s golden age, both earned Preditors & Editors Reader’s Choice awards. Recently, he authored a Dr. Who novella, “Swinging Londons,” as part of the Defending Earth charity anthology. He is also an internationally published music journalist, a powerful influence on his stories, and writes for roleplaying games. Jon was 42 when he first tried his hand at fiction…and wishes he’d started a lot sooner.

Skye Sweven

Currently a university student majoring in English Language and Literature, Skye Sweven is an aspiring author who had immense interest in manifold genres such as fantasy, adventure, mystery, dystopia, and so on. She has been writing books and short stories for over twelve years and has two titles that have been published by an independent publisher and an online journal. The names of the stories are 'Luster Lost' and 'Blessed Shall Be Thy Demise'. She has also self-published two books including a collection of short stories named 'Dark Heavens'. Her passion and ardor for weaving words together will seldom stop throughout her writing career.