Issue SEVEN AuthorS

Below are the authors who made ISSUE SEVEN possible!


Mijat Budimir Vujačić is an economist by trade, storyteller at heart. He is a published author of three horror novels written in Serbian: Krvavi Akvarel, NekRomansa, and Vampir. His stories appeared in SQ, Devolution Z, Turn to Ash, Crimson Streets, Encounters, Acidic Fiction, Double Barrel Horror, Creepy Campfire Quarterly, Under the Bed, 9Tales, and Infernal Ink magazines, as well as in professional anthologies Infinite Darkness, Toxic Tales, Silent Scream, The Nightmare Collective, Down With The Fallen, and The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol1. He believes a strong work ethic is the root of all success, and that it is best to err on the side of action. A fan of all things horror, he is also an avid gamer, occasional blogger, hookah enthusiast, and a staunch dog person. He lives in Belgrade, Serbia. You can reach him via e-mail: or check out his blog at:

Owen Leddy

Owen Leddy is a student at the University of Chicago majoring in biochemistry. His current research interests include how bacteria coat themselves in defensive proteins, how bacteria send signals to one another, and how physics can be used to inform the study of biology. His short fiction has previously appeared in Printers Row Journal and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, and his research on biophysics has appeared in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Sean M. Carey

Sean Carey has been, and always will be, a storyteller. It all started back when it was permissible for him to color at the kitchen table in his underwear, until the pencil became a nub. As a child, he wrote stories long-hand, drew comic strips, and began his ongoing hobby as a visual artist. He fell in love with final critique, finding delight in good and bad feedback from friends and family. Since, he’s become a copywriter, a fiction writer of literary and genre pieces, a painter and visual artist of many mediums, a poet (in his diary), guitarist, and songwriter. His mind is a whirlwind, and he doubts his work. Always. But, he can only hope, his readers will feel something from it. He's grateful for every loved one who's wanted what's best in life for him and hopes his stories serve as good payback for their caring investments in his well-being. He resides in Newark, Delaware, where he’s lived all his life.

J.R. Alfieri

J.R. Alfieri is a published writer and avid reader of stories that creep. He recently completed a master's degree in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Sussex, where he spent a year in an old English town studying and penning fiction. His works lean toward horror. He even wrote his dissertation on the master of the genre himself, Stephen King.

Merlin Flower

Merlin flower is an independent artist and writer. That's all you need to know!

Robert Alvir

I live in Rockland County, New York with my wife and four children. I am currently finishing up my MFA with Manhattanville College. I have written several novels in the sci-fi and horror genres and am currently seeking publication of my novels.