The End of An Era...

is it dramatic for us to call this the end of an era? Yes. But will we continue to do so? Yes and yes.

With the release of Issue Six, we’ve officially finished publishing our first piece of serialized fiction. I won’t be talking about the fiction too much in this post since I don’t want to spoil any endings, but I will say…wow, this has been a journey.

We’re still a very new publication. We’re still learning and honing in on our voice and style and what makes a story a SERIAL story, but we couldn’t be happier with the support we’ve received so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ve been a little quiet on social media lately, but in no way is that a signal that our enthusiasm for this project has waned. We’re simply making a few changes to our process to ensure that SERIAL Magazine can keep publishing stories for a very long time.

And speaking of change…in a way, all of the stories in this week’s issue touch on the subject. More specifically, they’re all about accepting what once was but won’t be any longer, whether it be a relationship, former identity, or way of life. Change is inevitable. Acceptance is always a choice.

This week, we say goodbye to The Last Dung Beetle and while we’re sad to see Buck, Marilyn Monroe, and all of the characters introduced in this little tale go, we’re excited to bring you so many other new stories in 2019.

As always, thank you for reading. :)