It's All About Survival in ISSUE ELEVEN

As another week passes, another issue of SERIAL Magazine begins to unfold. Aside from our “special issues,” we don’t ever really go into an issue with a specific theme. However, despite our very subjective, most-entertaining-story-wins selection process, themes often emerge.

And in this coming issue of SERIAL Magazine, the theme is SURVIVAL. We’ve got 5 short stories and two novel installments all about surviving whatever life may throw at you.

Let’s start with the survival novels.

In ISSUE ELEVEN of SERIAL Magazine we introduce Elysia: The Wasteworld by Skye Sweven, a post-apocalyptic novel by Skye Sweven. In this novel, we follow Erik who has a beautiful Cadillac, a helpful map, and a big dream to arrive in Elysia, the rumored utopian city of the run-down Wasteworld. He’s quickly joined by a loose cannon in the form of Jessica. In this first installment, we see Erik and Jessica kick off their dangerous journey to a better life.

Balanced by that, we have the second installment of The Unsettler by Charles Joseph Albert. Unlike Erik and Jessica who are running away to paradise, Javier would like nothing more than to stay in the resource-deprived City he crew up in. You either run or adapt to survive and Javier has adapted quite well to the only life he’s ever known. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice about whether he stays or not. In ISSUE TEN, Javier was kidnapped by a childsnatcher and dumped in the wilderness. In ISSUE ELEVEN, we see him meet an unlikely companion who guides him to a “better life.”

Let’s end with our survival stories.

In our upcoming issue we bring you…

  • TO SURVIVE by Stormy White: What would you do if you knew the world was ending and you had an opportunity to survive it, knowing the rest of the world would likely perish? What do you value more - your physical existence or your place within your community? These are the questions Senator Chad Tremont are faced with in Stormy White’s short story “To Survive.”

  • DESERT DOVES by Erin Vermont: We all know life was hard in the early days of the west. It was doubly hard for women who had very few ways to earn an income. In Erin Vermont’s “Desert Doves,” Honey and Ruth earn their keep on their backs. Honey by choice and Ruth by trickery. When Ruth enters Honey’s life she finds herself second-guessing her choices and soon enough, both women find themselves on the run to survive.

  • ATTACK OF THE GIANT CRABS by Patrick S. Baker: Sometimes your only chance of survival is to run in guns blazing. In this action-packed adventure story by Patrick S. Baker, “Attack of the Giant Crabs” tells the story of scientists, lawmen, and ex-soldiers joining forces to save their town from an invasion of giant crabs.

  • LILITH by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb: In this short piece of flash fiction, Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb tells the tale of a very dangerous man and his would-be female victim. Will she survive? Pick up ISSUE ELEVEN and read “Lilith” to find out!

  • THE YARD by Christine Brennan: We all know the big pen can be a dangerous place and alliances are formed in order to survive. In Christine Brennan’s “The Yard,” we meet Carlita, Mags, and newcomer Red. In a short span of time, the newcomer is initiated, alliances are tested, and one badass chick ends up on top.

If this sounds like something you need to read, then be sure to pick up ISSUE ELEVEN of SERIAL Magazine. For a limited time only, until Monday at Noon CST, we’ll be offering a pre-order discount!