Celebrating PRIDE with Queer Fiction

Recently, we changed our publishing date to Friday and when we realized one Friday in June would fall on the anniversary of Stonewall, it only made sense for us to make our June 28th issue our PRIDE issue.

In this issue, we have the final installment of Nothing Escapes, which follows a bisexual man in a relationship with his male mentor and exploring a possible new relationship with young Kenyan woman studying abroad.

Additional stories in this issue include novelette The Part-Time Mermaid and short stories “Out Into a Sea of Fire,” “The Ultimate Stint,” and “Lady in Waiting.” As is often the case when we’re putting together an issue, a theme emerged as ISSUE TEN came together. In this case, it was one of unrequited love. Like in real life, unrequited love doesn’t always work out, but I like to think that in the end, each character in this issue ends up in a better place than they originally began.

As fun as it was to put together a PRIDE issue, PRIDE isn’t something that only happens once a year, telling entertaining stories that are representative of diverse experiences is the aim of the game. If our PRIDE issue isn’t enough for you and you’re craving more queer fiction, consider picking up ISSUE THREE or ISSUE EIGHT of SERIAL Magazine

  • ISSUE THREE: Sun Struck by Gregory L. Norris is a science fiction short story about a man reuniting with his love just in time to say goodbye. .

  • ISSUE THREE: Invitation to Darkness by Hailey Piper is a horror period short story about a seafaring captain falling in love with a woman with a horrifying secret.

  • ISSUE EIGHT: Colder Bodies, Colder Hearts by Thom Dunn is a period sci-fi horror story about a man who discovers a method to bring the dead back to life.