ISSUE NINE is on the Way!

It’s been a while since we dropped ISSUE EIGHT of SERIAL Magazine but we’re back and maybe better than ever? We launched SERIAL Magazine on January 1st, 2019 and promptly published 8 issues in quick succession. 8 issues, 2 novels, and tens of stories from our favorite genres. As we were doing that, we were working out kinks in our process, bringing on new team members, and in a sense just…figuring it out.

I won’t say all of the things have been figured, but we’re soooo very excited to bring you ISSUE NINE on June 14th!

In this issue, we’re introducing our fourth novel for serialization The Unsettler. This futuristic novel centered around a desperate young boy named Javier was an early submission to our magazine and a favorite of Netta, one of our editors. Charles Joseph Albert immediately sucks you into his tale by introducing Javier, a sympathetic young teen preparing for his gang initiation in a dark futuristic world. Things, of course, don’t always go according to plan and in this first installment, you discover just how bad things will get for little Javier.

The penultimate installment of Nothing Escapes by Merlin Flower is also in this issue of SERIAL Magazine. Nothing Escapes is the whimsically dramatic cross-cultural romance novel featuring Abhay and Abasi. In our last installment of this novel, Abasi and her roommates were headed to prison and in this installment we get to see just what their lives are like on the inside while Abhay works to free them from the outside.

Additional short stories in this novel include “Antibody,” a futuristic zombies-but-not-zombies horror sci-fi tale, “Both Sides of the Pane,” a thrilling heist short story, “Under Contract by G.O.D.,” a sci-fi short story about a seriously unlucky man, and “Snatchawayer,” an urban legend horror short story.

We rarely purposely seek out stories to fulfill a theme, but if I were to give this issue a theme, I’d say Issue 9 was all about FEAR. From the fear of physical violence that we see in The Unsettler, “Both Sides of the Pane,” and “Antibody,” to the fear of the unknown that we find in “Under Contract by G.O.D.” and “Snatchawayer,” to the more subtle sympathetic fear you might feel for a loved one as seen in Nothing Escapes.

If you’d like to make sure you get a print copy of ISSUE NINE, pre-order it today. We’re offering a limited time 20% discount. Offer ends June 9th.