Issue Two of SERIAL Magazine Has Arrived!

Ever been buried neck-deep in the sand? Me neither, but J.J. Steinfeld gets me darn close. 

Each visit to the southern coastline, I’ve stayed above the sand, tucked away under an oversized umbrella, watching the kids frolic in the cool waters. (I can’t swim.) 

I know, I know. It’s hard to think about summer on a steamy beach—possibly tossing a frisbee here and a beach ball there—with the lashing Mother Nature has delivered to the northern states. This past weekend, I have listened to several meteorologists spill their shock over the bone-chilling 46-below weather in International Falls, Minnesota. Just hearing that number makes me want to pull on a coat or two or three. 

Keep your head up. Warmer days are on the way, and while we wait for the mercury to rise, plop into a comfy chair in a warm place, and lose yourself in a world where butterflies aren’t so cute and the gravity isn’t what we expect it to be. 

Thinking about a summer cruise to the islands? We have a mystery to satisfy that as well. 

Cheers to warmer days! 

Anxiously waiting, 

Netta Samuel

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